Your Everyday Utility Backpack

Designed to make your daily life easy and comfortable.

For YOU who fits a lot in your day: commute, gym, photography, career and your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the volume capacity of the bag?

The hobo25 backpack is 25 liters bag and is expandable to 30 liters. It can fit a laptop of maximum 17inches.

What all items are included in the bag?

Total 5 items

  1. Bag
  2. Hardshell camera box
  3. Rain Cover
  4. Small Pouch
  5. Detachable waist belt

Who can use this bag?

Hustlers | Content creators | Corporate employees | Travelers | Commuters Mostly for people who are on the move with minimal belongings. We believe that a backpack should be comfortable to carry and organizable. Possible items you can carry- Laptop, power bank, shoes, camera, clothes, passport, water bottle, chords etc

Bag description in detail

1. If you are a hustler, a content creator, a photographer or a fitness freak then HOBO25 is a perfect everyday utility bag for you.
2. With its quick access compartments and innovative design, you can keep your items in the dedicated pockets made for a specific purpose and also access them on the go.
3. The bag can be expanded from 25L to 30L in case of unplanned extra luggage.
4. The hardshell box is well padded and shockproof to protect your camera from the top weight and jerks.

5. Remove the box and you can keep your shoes or gym clothes in the same compartment.

6. It’s not only about what you carry in your bag but how you access it too.
7. If you are a photographer then you can
– keep your camera in the hard shell box to access it immediately for an instant shot
– keep your camera battery, chords and memory card in the box flap
– fit your tripod and water bottle on the side of the bag
– keep your laptop in the safe back pocket
– keep your metro card or loose notes in the ATM pocket
– keep your minimal clothes or gear in the main compartment
– sneak your power bank cable and earplugs from the side opening
– rain cover to protect all the gear
8. If you are a fitness freak then you can
– keep your gym clothes and shoes in the box
– coffee packs, protein bars in the box net pocket
– deodorants, towels etc in the main compartment
– gym id in the atm pocket
9. If you are a hustler then you can
– keep your minimal clothes in the main compartment
– access your laptop in and out from the side laptop zipper
– grab your food items from the box chamber
– sneak your power bank cable and earplugs from the side opening.

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