Got restless feet? Wish to travel the world? You are not the only one my friend! While it’s wonderful to share travel experiences with your friends, partner, or family, travelling alone can completely be a life-changing experience for you like it has been for me. Here are 11 good reasons why you should travel solo.

  1.  No need to plan in advance – Everyone has different schedules, hotel preferences, habits and travelling interests; so waiting around for the right time or the right person might be a waste. When you travel alone, only your needs matter and you can plan something at the last minute if you desire. Plans often don’t work but the last-minute plans always do.
    Happiness before your trip
    When your last-minute plan works
  2. Can easily find a single seat to accommodate yourself – Now if yours is a last-minute plan then the probability of getting a bus or train ticket reduces to the minimum. But wait, If you come a little out of your comfort zone then you can always sit next to the bus driver(only on request) or with one of those pantry guys on the train. Trust me you will get to hear the most amazing stories from them. Their music taste will leave you smiling. And if you are among those rare lucky humans then the last-minute cancellation will definitely get you an empty seat. Woah! You have got a seat 😃
    I have got a travel ticket
    Yes! I have got a seat
  3. You can chill, relax and move at your own pace – You can sleep as little or as much as you want, eat whatever your heart desires and indulge in whatever makes you happy. You don’t have to compromise and negotiate when planning the trip with someone else. After all its, your vacation and it is supposed to be relaxing rather than compromising.
    Let me have some fun
    Let me have some fun
  4. Not responsible for other person deeds – If you have ever planned a vacation with another person or a group of people, you know that they are always lazy bums who either messes up with local staff or delays the whole itinerary. Unless you have gone for a team building trip please avoid such people. You are on a vacation and not there to solve other’s stupid problems. Just carry your own bag and keep moving.
    I am waiting for you, stupid. Come soon!
  5. You will make new friends – Often, people who appear alone are more approachable to others. Trust me others are more comfortable in talking to solo travellers than with a group of people. And chances are, other people you meet travelling alone are incredibly interesting people. And why should you not add up your friend’s list when all your best friends are getting married.
    How are yaaa?
  6. You can stay with hotel owners/staff if the rooms are full – Spending the night is the most challenging task when you make last-minute trips. Cheap accommodations are often full and rest are highly expensive. But if you have a pleasing personality then trust me people are always happy to help you. Local residents care for the safety of tourists in their area. They might not have a full empty room but they do have someplace to put an extra bed to sleep over. At times they don’t even charge you. But don’t be selfish, make sure the offer is just not one-sided.
    A small gift from my side
    A small gift from my side
  7. Don’t have to download the split-wise app or maintain Excel sheets – Money is always a pressure point when it comes to travelling.  Even if you are good in basic mathematics then also you wouldn’t wish to practice it during a vacation. Split the food bills, the hotel bills, transportation bills etc. Travel solo and you will save yourself from this pain and conflicts. Have a better idea to manage money while travelling in a group, do share.
    No maths please
    No calculations, please!
  8.  You become more aware and a problem solver – When there is no one around to wake you or take care of your actions then you automatically become more aware of your surroundings and responsible enough to not put yourself in danger. You become a go-getter to solve your own problem. This no doubt improves your problem-solving skills.
    I solved a problem
    I have solved a problem
  9. More time to engage with the destination than with your companion – You can always have a laugh or a drink with your companion in your city. But the vacation time is to get involved with the destination,  talk to locals, eat local food and make new friends.
    lets explore
    Let’s explore!
  10. You will become a spirited person – Right from finding an ATM to getting aboard on a local bus, you will try not to skip any amazing spot untouched. This will create a sense of urgency and you will find yourself hustling to make your vacation a memorable one.
    Oh I need to rush
    Damn I need to catch the bus
  11. You will start travelling more often – Your soul has been awakened up, you know that you don’t need a companion always, you have faced the difficult situations alone and now you are more confident than ever before. Would it not increase your chances and desire to travel and explore more. Trust me you have discovered a stronger you and realized that life is so much more beautiful outside.
    Caution: Please don’t leave your spouse back home. Your trip, after all, should not be a bad trip 😛

    traveling is life
    Travelling is life!

I hope you loved reading this article. Do share it with your friends and leave in your comments below. Do share some love 🙂

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