Never met super interesting people when you travelled in the past?

Now is your time!

Don’t be surprised if you come across any of these crazy, mad and super talented travellers in 2017. The world is their home and they ain’t leaving any place untouched. Who are these people?

1. Dayna Jinella Sequeria: She is an architect and an impromptu traveller. Started with short trips and then that continued with one big trip in a year. Eventually she began doing a whole lot of spontaneous trips every now and then. Her inspiration comes from unexpected finds and misplaced expectations everywhere she goes. Most places end up being her biggest misconception and an extremely pleasant surprise. She dreams to visit  South America and live around the Amazon river.

2. Nikhil: Known as the “Kings of Mountains” this guy is a complete nomad. Name it and he will tell you the best and most affordable places to eat, sleep and party in the hills. He quit his corporate job in 2009 and never looked back. He is defining his own perception towards life and experiencing life in a raw form. He works as a freelance travel coordinator and dreams to explore places which are unexplored and make his own kingdom.

3. Lehan Devadhia: Flight attendant by profession and travelling since 2014 she can make friends anywhere and everywhere. It’s not only the guys who are fond of her but the mothers who don’t miss a chance to ask her if she will marry their son…Lol, isn’t that crazy? Well yes, crazy, madness, sweetness are the words that define her. She will be travelling to Bhutan and Nepal in 2017.

4. Smita Patil: An architect by profession and traveller by passion. Travelling since 2007, she is working hard to get more leaves to travel. Culture, language, places, people, stories, and connections inspire her. She forgets to sleep when around nature and dreams to visit Nepal, Bhutan, Greece, Mongolia in 2017.

5. Mukesh Thapa: Born and brought up in Jammu this guy is the mastermind behind most of the awesome and memorable weekend trips around North India. After studying in IIT-BHU he found interest in exploring the travel sector and now works to bring out the best group tours around India. He dreams of climbing Mt. Everest and in waking up the daredevil inside him.

Ain’t these pictures fascinating? What are you thinking? Do you wish to travel with us?

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