About Us

About LTP Designs 

We are a travel-focused brand which is redesigning the way travel products are made. We believe that travel should be focused more on enjoying the beautiful things around you rather than on spending time in arranging your belongings. After almost 3 years of traveling, we found out the existing medium-sized backpack were either very common or very boring. So we created HOBO40, a smart functional backpack with more than 15 utility pockets and high-quality materials. It took us almost a year of research and more than 20 prototypes to finally design the perfect backpack for you. Do check our smart products and join our travel community to redesign the way you travel.

About The Founder

Hi, I am Ankit, from India! Human by heart and a product manager by profession. I love to explore places, people, and personas. LTP is an initiative to re-design my life and not wait for the retirement that may never come.

My travel journey started in March 2014 when I went to meet a college friend in Ambala district and we ended up on a road trip to the snowy mountains in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh. This trip was life-changing for me. And after this, I never stopped to explore more.


I think it was the beauty and calmness of the nature that left me surprised. I got flooded with questions after looking at the scenic beauty around me. And that’s how my quest for nature began.

Now traveling is not about just having Maggi at 15000 feet above the ground or clicking pictures with your friends. For me, it’s more about making new friends and relishing the local food, people and stays. So far I have met a scuba diver, a flight attendant, an architect, a scientist, a yoga teacher, bloggers, an artist etc. And they all had one thing in common DREAMS.

Being yourself
Conquer your fears
Laugh Out Loud
Life is beautiful

The most important thing which traveling taught me is EMPATHY. Don’t judge people by their looks or words. There are hidden stories behind everything and everyone is special. You just need to calm down and listen.

Love.Travel.Party is an effort from my side to bring you amazing stories across the world. Why limit your life to just Roti.Kapda.Makaan? Get up and explore this beautiful world where you have so much to love, travel and party. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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