Yes, you read it right. When creative people meet they become friends, from friends to best friends and the bond becomes stronger. Now, what if you give them a platform to unite and exhibit their talents in front of other such creative and like-minded people. Well yes, something exactly like this happened on the 10th of June 2017 at Villa no. 1 Gurgaon.

The house was filled with colours, beer was overflowing and love was in the air. The performers were in full josh and their performances left the crowd awestruck. We had artists from all genre and Live DJ under one roof. What bonded them was their passion and hunger to thrive. I was one of the lucky ones to witness this event and interact with this bunch of creative minds. Don’t worry if you missed it, LPT got it covered for you. Let’s find out what happened there.

The Idea behind The Expediots‘ initiative ‘Creative Weekender’s was to organise a social gathering where artists and fans can interact with each other on an informal level. This was first of its kind to happen in Delhi-NCR. More than 50 people gathered to make this event a success. Let us understand a bit about few of the artists who not just entertained but inspired the crowd. (Note: Don’t forget to check out the amazing pictures in the end)

  1. The Theater Guy-The artist to break the ice was Sumit Arora whose mime-act left the audience in the mood of self- contemplation. The act portrayed two contrasting worlds of being happy. We often ignore the things we have and demand joys which are based on our assumptions and expectations. All Sumit wanted to express through his act that real happiness is found in cherishing whatever you have, instead of lamenting for materialistic things.
    Personally, I agree with young Sumit’s viewpoint on life which is “the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”
  2. The Banjara Music Project– Music has no age bar and the young musicians of ‘The Banjara Music Project’ are the clear example of it. They fused the likes of Kishore Kumar, Mohd Rafi, Atif Aslam, Farhan Akhtar and more. They literally set the spirits high of the young and the old present. I recommend the Banjaras to rock your party.
  3. The PoetAyush is a poetry enthusiast and writer. He has been writing & reciting for the past 7-8 years and he writes on issues that are alarming in the nation as he feels that people should know about these issues through his poetry in a creative and bold manner. A nice thought to follow.
  4. The tattoo artist ‘Mandy– He came all the way from Pathankot to New Delhi to be a part of this event and showcase his artistic tattoo making skills. And the tattoos you see below are done by him. He has made more than 500 tattoos till now and he is a very down to earth person. Ask him for his visiting card and be mind-blown by Mandy’s creativity, like we were.
  5. The Clay Artist ‘Vineet Gupta A designer and developer by profession, Vineet finds bliss in clay modelling and painting. He made an amazing Ganesha in just 21 minutes. Wow! What else do you ask for?
  6. The Metal Band is known as Integratus– As their name suggests Integratus brings together music of different genre without compromising on any aspect of their music, be it mass appeal, technicality or soulfulness. Being a 90’s kid I was thrilled when they played WWE music and reminded me of my childhood days. They Rocked it, man!
  7. The abstract artistPreet – She is a transformation specialist, behavioural trainer and a life coach. she is certified in Mind Programming techniques to learn faster and deliver better. One of her favourite artworks is ‘Mirza Ghalib Sahab'(Oil On Canvas). I was surprised seeing her live artwork and I am sure you will appreciate it too.
  8. The oil and Abstract Painters- Akshaya Patwal and Anirban. The beautiful artwork you see in the pictures was their creation during the event and kept the crowd engaged. And if you are thinking of buying this artwork then please forget it because it was SOLD on the spot.
  9. DJ Abhijeet: He kept the music alive throughout the night and even surprised us with his singing skills and energy.
  10. The 16-year-old photographer- Aayush Jain– Good things come in small packages and Ayush is a smart, young, talented professional photographer who believes in capturing life frame by frame.

Well, these were the few performers I could interact and know of. Now let’s learn more about the people behind Creative Weekenders.

I spoke to one of the organisers Jatin and this is what he has to say- “We’re expanding this concept and collaborating with a lot of artists & performers to make this scene absolutely exclusive and breathtaking for our guests. This will be a one-of-a-kind thing that you don’t get to witness around much, take our word for it.”

The Expediots is a special initiative by a bunch of travel and art enthusiasts to bring together Travellers, Artists, Riders and Creative people with a penchant for adrenaline rushing adventures. Traversing across some of the most breathtaking landscapes in India’s, The Expediots offers a great opportunity for like-minded enthusiasts to share an unmatched experience together. We are here to unite all the Riders, Artists, Creative and Adventure lovers to bring out opportunities out of their lifestyle. That said, the scene will again be mad and the vibe will again be crazy. See you soon!

Keep checking this space for more such events and gathering. After all, life is all about LOVE. TRAVEL. PARTY!

Covered by: Rajat and Ankit
Banner pic by Kevin Dooley
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