Wondering when will you pose, cuddle and click pictures with your favourite sporting heroes and movie stars. Then hang on! Madame Tussauds Delhi is now a reality in India and LTP covered it even before its official launch on 1st December 2017. Let’s find out some incredible facts about Madame Tussauds which you probably don’t want to miss.

What is Madame Tussauds(MT)?

Known for its wax sculptures, Madame Tussauds has a huge following around the world for its museum showcasing the wax art. Her real name is Anna-Marie Tussuad. This is the 23rd Madame Tussaud which is now set to open at Regal Cinema, Connaught Place, New Delhi spread across two floors. Each statue is made by clicking more than 250 pictures from different angles and costs approximately 1-1.5 crore. You will get to see the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Angelina Jolie etc.

This time I was accompanied by a fellow traveller friend, Keshav, a young dilliwala who celebrates Delhi like no other Delhite. He seemed very excited ever since the news of MT coming to Delhi was shared in public & hence he decided to share his heart out about a few Do’s & Dont’s that you must read before visiting the museum. Have a look at what Keshav has to say.


  1. Take your family along- And when I say family, I mean parents, siblings & kids included. The statues are so brilliant that everyone will enjoy observing & clicking with them. Afterall there is an opportunity to get clicked with your family’s favourite- Kapil Sharma 😉
  2. The props are free but not ‘for free’- Nearly every statue is accompanied by a series of colourful props that you can freely wear to pose. But like it goes with the toilet seat – please leave it in a way so that the next person after you can use it too.
  3. Keep Patience. You are not on AXN’s amazing race Asia- You might hate that Punjabi aunty spending fifteen minutes with Salman Khan’s statue but hey, she has paid for it! How about moving on to the next statue till aunty finishes her prolonged unfulfilled wish of touching Salman’s body?
  4. Watch your kids- We all love kids. Until we have our own. No doubt kids are the human versions of God & all of that BUT here’s the catch. God wouldn’t buy a ticket to the museum to lick Sachin’s fingers or bang his head against KBC touchscreen. Hence watch your kids to help Lata didi & other statues live a little longer inside the museum.
  5. Smile at the staff, please- They’ll take infinite pictures of you with Michael Jackson & will even talk to you for hours. Probably because they have been trained that way & they love being a part of MT team. Smiling or thanking them will only make them feel better.
    Mahatma Gandhi ji at Madame Tussauds Delhi


  1. No Katrina is never going to lip kiss you back- So how about not grabbing the statues inappropriately. You might not just be asked to leave the museum but that would be very embarrassing for fellow audiences too.
  2. DONT Photobomb the guests- Imagine being clicked with Angelina Jolie while an uncle in his mid-40s’ with his large Hogwarts size tummy photobombs your moment. Look right & left before you pose, instead of rushing towards statues out of excitement to click.
  3. DONT Beg Borrow Steal- You’ll be lured by wine glasses of Kate Winslet, Lata Mangeshkar’s diamond bracelet or maybe Anil Kapoor’s wristband. You can’t beg, borrow steal here because some of the items here are the original donations from these celebrities!
  4. DONT Own them up- Please understand they are not real so leaving them for a glimpse of other guests after spending a reasonable time with them might just be a good idea. Don’t be that Punjabi aunty from our Do’s section!
  5. DONT Publically ask ‘Who the F is he?’- Clearly, Madhuri Dixit is more dear to us than Lady Gaga, Milkha Singh more loveable than Usain Bolt & so on. But shouting publically by saying ‘ Abbey aage chalte hai isko chod isko kaun janta hai’ will make the proverb ‘ignorance is a bliss’ come true. Take this as an opportunity to learn about new faces who you might want to know by reading about them at the sign plates affixed there!

While Keshav hopes that people don’t ask for a Sunny Leone statue inside, he is also hoping that Delhi & its people value the museum! We couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing his pictures from the museum.

Don't mess with Messi

Don’t mess with Messi

Kaun Banega Smart Boy

Cover it up, baby

The unbeatable

Secret Case Of Justin Beiber


Are you feeling hot?

Ache din with Modi Ji


Do tell us what were your fun moments. Share your pictures & moments from the museum by using hashtag #MTreview & #lovetravelparty and we shall share the most amazing ones.

Entry Tickets-
You can book your tickets from Paytm or from the official website of Madame Tussauds Delhi.
Ticket Cost-
Adult(13+ years)- Rs.960
Child(4-12 years)- Rs.760

Parking At Bangla Saheb or A-Block(Inner circle)


Check out all the amazing pictures from Madame Tussauds Delhi and don’t forget to put your feedback in the comments section below 🙂

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